About us

“Taiga” expeditionary group organizes and conducts expeditions and trips for those who can be classified as “unrefined” tourists.

We do not promise sweet dreams in luxury hotels and breakfasts in bed, but we do promise that you will see stars like you have never seen them before same as breath dizzy clean air. You will meet professionals and learn a lot of useful lifehacks from experts.

To whom tourism with us is “prescribed”:
– those “burned out” at work, tired of the race for money;
– who decided that it was time to go to a level higher than just weekend hikes;
– those who feel that it is not enough for them just to go as part of a group, ready to be part of travel organizers;
– those who want to take new roads, create them where there has never been a way;
– those who want to professionally connect their destiny with tourism.
Contraindications! It will be bad with us:
– lazy;
– not ready to plow in a team;
– not preparing themselves for psychological and physical stress;
– people without a sense of humor.
The Amur Region is a territory of "unrefined" tourism.
У нас нет дорог, но всегда есть путь.
We have no roads, but we always have a way
We have no roads, but we always have a way