Our answer to the lake Baikal). There is such a fun on lake Baikal – racing and traveling on the ice of the lake. Last year we came to the conclusion that it is time for us to open our ice routes through the local “seas”.

Cyclists and tourists from Blagoveshchensk and Zeya conducted a reconnaissance of the area in 2020 and in 2021 purposefully set out to the Snezhnogorsk village from town Zeya.

The way to Zeya (550 km) passes mainly along the “Amur” highway. In Zeya we were accommodated at our friends from the Orthodox parish named after Alexander Nevsky.

The group consisted of 9 people. 2 cars – GAZ Sobol and Mitsubishi Pajero Evolution. In Zeya Aleksey Denisenko the head of the local tourism community joined us.

In Zeya the group has established cooperation with Zeya nature reserve and local visitor center, as well as regional authorities and businessmen. The reserve sent out for the expedition an all-terrain UAZ vehicle, which helped us through the 75 km way.

The first decade of March was chosen on the basis of stable subzero temperature. Last year we left on the 20th, but warming played a joke with us. The melted ice was smashed by trucks and we had to drive along the frozen tracks. This time there was a small area of snow mush, which had to be overcome on foot, the rest of the way is a mixture of ice and snow crust.

Such trips can only be done by trained people and equipment. Escort of passing vehicles is necessary. The bicycles were equipped with studded tires. The way back can be done either by bike or by car.

Other options for trips are being considered next year. Up to Gorny and Bomnak villages.

On the way there is an opportunity to visit the Algay cordon, warm up, drink tea and take pictures with the background of river ships, learn about the work of hunting experts.