Lukinda. Ust-Urkima. Sivagli.

Another winter expedition that has got the follow-up.

The Chernyshev ridge is a mountain range in the Amur Region of Russia, at the junction of the mountain systems of Transbaikalia and the Amur Region. The western link of the Tukuringra-Jagdy chain.

The ridge is 120 km long. The highest point is Mount Lukinda (1572 m). The ridge separates the valleys of the Nyukzha (Olekma basin), Oldy and Tynda (Amur basin) rivers. Mountain taiga predominates; higher on the slopes – thickets of dwarf cedar.

The ridge was named in honor of the outstanding Russian geologist Feodosiy Nikolayevich Chernyshev. The name of the mountain is Lukinda translated from the Evenk “bow (oe) yes” – the place where wild onions grow.

Another variant of “bows” is an arrowhead, the suffix -ndya indicates that the arrow is large, so the top of the mountain resembles a large arrowhead in its shape.

The purpose of the 2019 expedition was to reconnoitre the area, climb Lukinda mount and practice rescuing people in case of a plane crash in the taiga.

The group: 9 people, specialists of Amur Region aerospace rescue squad and tourists from «Amurbike» Multisport Federation. Two Evenks of the Nyukzhakan tribal community were assigned to us as guides and drivers of the all-terrain vehicle. Neither they nor their fellow villagers ever been in those places and the journey was no less interested for them than for us. The mountain, as often happens among the Evenks, is considered to be a sacred place. And according to modern legend there is a place at the top to land an aircraft, which, according to our estimates, turned out to be an exaggeration.

Expedition duration: 6 days. 2 days for the way from Blagoveshchensk to the Ust-Urkima village and back. The beginning – February19, 2019.

Characteristics of the road section of the expedition: 850 km. to town Tynda, mainly along the “Amur” highway, and then 130 km dirt road to Ust-Urkima village, through the mountain passes, along the Baikal-Amur Mainline.

Climate conditions: on the day of arrival 35 degrees below zero. In winter, the temperature can drop up to 50 degrees below zero.

Transport: to the Ust-Urkima village you can go by a passenger car, and then, depending on the route option, either by a tracked all-terrain vehicle, a motor boat or an all-wheel drive SUV.

Hiking part, camping places: climbing Lukinda began from its foot, we were at the top by noon. A large group quickly made a real road in snowshoes. The path is suitable for a person in average physical condition. The stops were made at the foot of Lukinda and at the abandon stops of geologists and Evenks.

The transfer was made on a tracked all-terrain vehicle in the forest-tundra. We made our way for about 2 days, the return took a full day, until late in the evening.

In Ust-Urkima the tourist will spend the night in a guest house on the bank of the Nyukzha River (translated from Evenk – “a quiet river”), a tour to the workshop, where you can buy souvenirs and national clothes).

55 km from Ust-Urkima there is a trading post “Sivagli”, which belongs to “Nyukzhakan” tribal community. The traveler can get acquainted with the life of the Evenks, their language and culture. Taste national food and play Evenk games. There is a cellular communication, snowmobiles, deer. You can go fishing and visit the reindeer breeders’ camp. After the bath, having plunged into the cold Nyukzha, you can drink taiga tea with pancakes baked in the taiga oven.

At the end of March, on the Day of spring equinox, the Evenks arrange their Day of the reindeer herder and the hunter. On this day guests from all over the region and from Yakutia come to Urkima. You can take part in the national “Olympiad”, watch reindeer sled races, taste many national dishes and undergo national Evenk rituals.